A. Marie Boyd has been hired by Barnum Hotels to manage staffing for the regional hotel chain. What is a dangling or misplaced modifier? This sentence contains a dangling modifier. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. They would like to have jobs B. However, big dog is a complete phrase. Watching has no subject. Two notes about dangling modifiers: Unlike an inappropriate modifier, a dangling modifier cannot be fixed by simply moving it to a different location in a sentence. D)The contented puppy sat by the sleeping young child. .9 One of the following sentences contains an independent clause and a dependent clause, which makes it a complex sentence. YyNI|e5lK9(-V9Z The phrase noun modifier is a very broad category of words that modify nouns. For example, The big doesnt make sense without telling what is big which leaves big as a dangling modifier; but, the big dog is a complete phrase. After walking to school, the bus slowly passed by. For example, in the following sentence, the word "burger" is modified bythe word "vegetarian": Example: I'm going to the Saturn Caf for a vegetarian burger. C) M1 includes assets primarily used as a means of saving. 0000004511 00000 n Dangling Modifiers Modifying words or groups of words that opena sentence should be followed as closely as possible by the word that they describe. Below, well discuss what dangling modifiers are and how to fix them. (C)Driving through Yellowstone, a buffalo blocked the road. Adjective clauses and adverbial phrases are examples of modifier phrases that are used to describe adjectives and adverbs. The two common types of modifier errors are called misplaced modifiers and dangling modifiers. Playing with the children, it was obvious they had a great time. What are the five modifiers of human act? Having missed several classes, Benjamin needed a doctors note. b. The most common kind of a dangling modifier is an introduction statement that refers to the wrong object. a. (a) If a process is in statistical control, assignable causes of variation should be sought (b) If a process is in statistical control, there are no causes of variation (c) If a process is out of statistical con. Consider the following example: At eight years old, both my sisters were accepted to Harvard. Made with in Germany, Spain, France, the UK and the Netherlands. You can fix this dangling modifier by making the teacher the subject of the sentence. Directions: In the blank beside each sentence, indicate whether that sentence contains a dangling modifier (DM) or a misplaced modifier (MM). A company may exclude a short-term obligation from current l, Which of the following statements is not correct regarding business angels? (B)Though well potted, I cannot get my roses to bloom. transitive verb. Collecting groceries, the store got busier and busier. Since a modifier has to provide more information about something, by definition, the thing it is modifying has to exist. Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier? Which of the following sentences contains a misplaced modifier? Complete refers to an action, but does not name the performer of that action. D. The four men eating lunch talked quietly in the corner. For example, the pollen of forty-eight plants native to Europe and the Middle East. (A)To read properly, a good light should be put nearby. In some cases, you may need to add information to do so. Which of the following is a rule of thumb to write sentences that communicate clearly and correctly? When I was eight years old, both my sisters were accepted to Harvard. kit connor vaping. Here, the phrase filled with cream, covered in chocolate frosting, and dusted with sprinkles correctly describes this cupcake. In both business and ethics, there are strategies and decision-making procedures that can be relied upon to always produce correct decisions. Go well beyond grammar and spell checking. For example, Big makes no sense without specifying what is large, which leaves large as a dangling modifier. We are left wondering exactly who read the great new book. Reordering the sentence clarifies who is unbeaten (the Wildcats). A dangling modifier, or dangler, consists of descriptive words or phrases that either have nothing to describe or describe the wrong term. Modifiers are words, phrases, or sentences that add description to sentences. Sacrifices do not climb. The dangling modifier is a word or a phrase that modifies a word not clearly stated in a sentence. One's blog is not protected by the Copyright Law. %PDF-1.4 % External Acts done by the BODY through the command of the will. If there were one, it would be found right after the comma. digestion. After finishing the task, Jill turned on the TV. Arriving ten minutes late, the store was closed for the night. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. To raise a good dog, patience is useful is the example of a dangling modifier. For Aristotle, eudaimonia is the highest human good, the only human good that is desirable for its own sake (as an end in itself) rather than for the sake of something else (as a means toward some other end). B) M2 includes M1. The school bus has a morning and afternoon route. 0000002526 00000 n b) Some are directed toward select people in society. The phrase filled with cream, covered in chocolate frosting, and dusted with sprinkles incorrectly describes you. Multinational enterprises can themselves be engines of cultural change. C. It's correlated, but not causal. The baby crawled. 2 See answers Advertisement MrsTate Thus, all human acts are acts of man, but not all acts of man are human acts. Answer: The sentence that contains a dangling modifier is To raise a good dog, persistence is important. But if the noun it modifies is missing, you've got a dangling modifier. In this sentence, the word being modified is unclear. Crawling across the floor, the blocks fell over. City of Denton Streets Department 215 McKinney St. Denton, TX 76201 (940) 349-7146 October 8, 2019 Dear resident or property owner: We are contacting you to inform you that the City of Denton will begin street reconstruction and water utilities repairs in your area on October 16. However, they need to come right before the words they modify to avoid becoming dangling modifiers. If you arent careful, dangling modifiers can make your writing seem farcical. Now that you know what a dangling modifier is, identifying one should be easy. B) Almost 75% of expatriate families adjust and find the interna, Select the correct option to complete the sentence. Can you spot the danglers? A) Only about 30% of multinational corporations provide any cross-cultural training to expatriates. Asking for help C. Resisting even beneficial change D. Being first to arrive and last to leave E. Which of the following statements regarding Six-Sigma is incorrect? Some of the sentences contain a misplaced or dangling modifier. Processes are custom, Which of the following statements does not provide an example of an effective team leader? A modifier is a word, phrase, or sentence that modifies, that is, gives information about another word in the same sentence. Single word modifier one word that changes the meaning of another word, phrase or sentence. Fumbling in her purse, the keys could not be found. a. Tom focuses more on members' needs than the team's goals. B) The police officers said: "You're under arrest for stealing scallops". A. I scheduled my exam for Sunday; my plan is spend four or five hours studying on Saturday. \\A) The product needs farther testing. The nurse arranged the medications on the tray, talking to the doctor. 0000000016 00000 n Adjectives and adjective phrases can become dangling modifiers when they don't have anything to modify. B. Pigovian taxes from polluting firms are used to fund pollution permits. It's easy to lose track of the word they're modifying in these cases, particularly when the sentence begins with a participial phrase. We saw a graceful . O b. t!J}gg?f7oz:Wk,xGw%8;ccl2&@n1Wb!Gs^If,dB*|{MfH6jti%Q0bA~!n%%D HY Which of the following sentences contains a dangling modifier? b. Jill obtains information from external sources and shares it with the team. The assumption that when one event precedes another, the first caused the second. Switching to vegetarianism reduces your food bills. B Colleges are looking for applicants with community service experience.Colleges are looking for applicants with community service experience. 1. Most stress disorders can be effectively treated with serotonin-uptake inhibitors. Falling off the cliff, Jake was surprised to see a large boulder. Its Shocked because the subject being modified is missing from the sentence. Become a Study.com member to unlock this answer! Types. b. Mikayla's homeroom teacher, (Mr. Driving up the rock-strewn mountain, the tire went flat. b. B. Resting on the sea bottom, the old trunk held many coins. Crawling across the floor, the baby knocked over the blocks. Instantly enhance your writing in real-time while you type.With LanguageTool. Logically, it's "people" who are stuck standing in line, but with the way this sentence is structured, grammatically that phrase must refer to "the elevator," making the sentence nonsensical. Then, ask yourself what noun that phrase is supposed to be modifying? B. Adjectives and phrases can become hanging modifiers when they have nothing to modify. Reading Pauls essay, it was apparent his research skills were poor. A) New managers are usually not expected to create change. 2. A) My brother had an old truck that sat by the garage that needed paint. A. Unless your story is about an amusement park that is self-aware, you need a subject to be "heartbroken." The assumption that what is true of a part is true also of the whole. 34. B) NAFTA excluded transition provisions and favored a rapid phaseout of trade, Which of the following statements about attribution is correct? Examples: Dangling modifierWhile sleeping soundly, the alarm clock awakened Mary. perspiration. human activity, act, deed. D)The Federal, Which of the following statement is true with regard to the NAFTA? Which of the following statements is NOT correct for private clouds? Some of the things you'll need to know include the definitions of modifier and context. Walking down the street, the clouds burst into rain as seen by Steve. Can you spot the dangling modifier in the sentence above? 21. \\a. We saw a graceful willow tree strolling around the lake. In an industrial union, employees who change employers cannot remain members of the sam, Identify the passive verbs in the following sentences and convert them to active verbs. a. A. Privacy Policy. 1. For example, in the following sentence the word hamburger is replaced by the word vegetarian: Example: I go to Saturn Cafe for a veggie burger. A. most cases, the dangling modifier appears at the beginningof the sentence, although it can also come at the end. A) Most entrepreneurial firms want to grow. Which of the following sentences contains a dangling modifier? This lesson covers the following objectives: 19 chapters | Each of these can influence peoples actions negatively. Walking down the street, the clouds burst into rain. Choose the statement that is incorrect. 1. Sam and Dean were shocked to find they both enjoyed playing soccer. b) Bridget decided to leave her career as an attorney and pursue acting during the, Identify the sentence with correct parallel construction from the choices below. When a sentence contains a dangling modifier, the subject is either unclear or missing completely. Which sentence contains a dangling modifier? The dangling modifier is "After walking to school". \\d. Sacco and Vanzetti case demonstrate c. A vegetarian diet can provide plenty of protein. e.Limit sentence content. Copyright 2023 - globalanswers - All Rights Reserved. a. Surely Jana isn't the "small but expensive" noun in this sentence! Two notes about dangling modifiers: Unlike a misplaced modifier, a dangling modifier cannot be corrected by simply moving it to a different place in a sentence. - Definition & Examples Quiz, What is a Verb Phrase? Adding a subject (Anna) allows the reader to know who has read the book. A modifier changes, alters, limits, or adds more information about something else in the sentence. A. Explanation: A dangling modifier or a misplaced modifier is a word that is supposed to modify a word but because of its incorrect collocation in the sentences, it makes the general meaning confusing. Which of the following statements is correct? After washing my car, I waxed it. The correct answer is: Which of the . 2023 LoveToKnow Media. A. B) Angel investors are a common source of equity funding, 14. which of the following correctly describes the trend in US union membership? A. 0000007198 00000 n Skilled at graphic design, the contract was won by InfoWorks. A. \\c. A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. Which of the following sentences contains a dangling modifier? All rights reserved. Adding "my dad" (or another subject) to the sentence makes it clear who is actually performing the action in the sentence. C. The county anima. Which of the following statements best describes the fallacy of wishing it were so? A dangling modifier requires more extensive editing. A. You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz: Does the following sentence contain a dangler? Arriving ten minutes late, the store was closed for the night. What are hanging modifiers in a sentence? Many dangling modifiers appear at the beginning of a sentence. "We need a check from you for $25 so that we can send the merchandise by May 15." Plus, get practice tests, quizzes, and personalized coaching to help you succeed. B. Prepositional phrases provide more information about a noun in the sentence. See the difference? The manager's friend worked for HelpMe Support Systems for four years (January 2004 - January 2008). A. Which of the following statements is true of an explanatory hypothesis? B. b. Well explain what a dangling modifier is and how to correct it. The actual subject of the sentence is missing. B. (b) A new movie theater is built. B. A) If the Fed wants to decrease money supply, it sells government securities.
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