With the integration of more intermittent generation and the development of smart grid technologies, the provision of ancillary services is extended to smaller distributed generation and consumption units.[1]. Unaccounted for Energy is a charge by the grid operator to recover lost energy not otherwise accounted for. Ten years ago, they had legislative hearings and recommendations, but they didnt follow through and they didnt take the steps to winterize the Texas electricity grid, Helton said. The problem is that many building managers don't have the same . Glossary for key terms electric customers should know. Turbine utilization is critical for maintaining the system running in its current form, even in the face of disturbances and abrupt changes. Below these items, youll find your AMOUNT DUE. IEEE, 2000. For index products, this variable is a required pass-through item. Ancillary Services is a term used to describe a set of services that are Non-energy costs are passed on to you by your power provider as a charge on your bill. If you're interested in joining the AEP Energy family, click here. And if you have questions, call ElectricityPlans.com at 844-214-5559. Reliability Unit Commitment (RUC) Capacity Shortfall Charge is a fee collected for not procuring energy in support of load obligations. Contact your REP if these charges appear on your bill. Regulation, spinning reserve, and nonspinning reserve are the three types of reserves, in order of their speed of action. That is the cost of energy itself, ancillary charges, shape costs, nodal costs, TDSP charges, and various other potential energy charges that can be confusing. // Mathews Funeral Home Ripley, Ny, Articles W